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An easier way to learn trumpet fingerings

Over the weekend a beginning trumpet player was sharing an invention he made to help him learn his trumpet fingerings.

He made a stamp that shows three circles (representing the three valves on the trumpet) and he stamps it on the music where he needs to remember the fingerings.

In the picture, he put the stamp literally under every single note. I could see how it would be nice to have that tool around, but he was using it over every note, so people were getting worried that he was using it as a crutch and not actually learning the fingerings.

Evelyn Talbot, a trumpet player and brass instructor from Oklahoma, chimed in because she developed some flash cards (available for trumpet, euphonium, tuba and French horn) that are perfect for learning the fingerings and reinforcing that knowledge through repetition and involvement of all the senses so that a beginning trumpet student can quickly have the fingerings be second nature.

I went to her website ( and ordered a couple of sets to use during lessons and to help my students feel confidence with themselves as soon as possible. If you are just getting started, or have beginner students, check out what she has in her shop.

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