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May the Fourth be With You!

My daughter was excited because she's going to play trombone with the Hillstompers, a community marching band in Los Alamos.

Since it's May the Fourth they're going to play Star Wars music - the main theme and the Cantina Band song.

Even though she was excited about it, she was reluctant to go to the rehearsal because she didn't know all the notes... and was trying to back out of it.

I said she should definitely go to the rehearsal, because that is her chance to learn to play the songs so that she can become confident.

Anyway, we went. And when we got to the rehearsal there were many trumpets and zero trombones. I wanted to play with her on the trombone part, but I only had my trumpet. (During the next rehearsal, I brought a trombone... and had a different set of challenges, because I'm not really a trombone player).

Anyway, I made a video about how I played the trombone part on the trumpet. Check it out. There will probably be a time in your trumpet playing life where the trombone player doesn't show up and you can be the hero and play the part with your trumpet.

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