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My kids LOVE Undertale, but I hate video games... here's what I did instead.

My kids love playing the Undertale. Before I even knew what it was, my son was dressing up like Sans for Halloween.

I want to hang out and bond with my kids, but I am hopelessly terrible at videogames. They want to teach me to play, but half the time they end up teasing me for the silly mistakes I make.

My solution is to focus on what I can do... play brass quintet music. Because get this! My son plays trumpet and tuba, my daughter plays trombone and my boyfriend, Seth, plays trumpet. All we need to do to have a full brass quintet is convince one of the other kids to play French horn.

Anyway, these are the Undertale songs that I ordered:

Do you ever play music with your kids? What worked at what didn't? Let me know in the comments.

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