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That Escalated Quickly! (How I came to be the proud owner of a banjo)

Last week I reached out to y'all because I couldn't find a female banjo player.

Although I didn't get any actual leads, I enjoyed the response and advice I got.

Mark Schwartz recommended that I look up Jennifer Leitham, because she is not only a world class bass player, but also a killer banjo player. I looked her up and sent her a message.

Jerry Cercia, a trumpet player from Minneapolis chimed in to say, "You know our Minneapolis union directory doesn’t even list banjo as a category! Yet I have seen banjos played many places (all men by the way.....) I wish you luck trying to find one!"

And I got one more email that got me thinking...

"Hi Mandy,

Here near Philadelphia, we have TONS of banjo players, and many of them CHEAT. They are guitar players, and simply change the tuning of the four strings to suit themselves and what helps them to sound their best. Something to ponder suggesting to a female guitar player that may be on the fence about contributing.

Note that many "Dixie"/trad.jazz charts/recordings use either/or banjo/guitar.

I look forward to videos of you all having more fun than the audience! At least that's what happened when I played Dixie trumpet as a teenager...


Rick Yensen"

I really wasn't sure how to solve the problem at all, but I was out shopping for a winter coat at a consignment store when I saw a shiny new banjo right there under my nose.

And I figured, it was the universe telling me that I could solve this problem the old-fashioned way (by buying another instrument! LOL).

Anyway... I have never played banjo or guitar, so this will be interesting. At the very least, I can switch back and forth between instruments. But another thought occurred to me. I can get my guitar playing daughter to try it and she might like to join the band. Then we can both learn another instrument and spend more time together.

It's exciting to see where you end up on this musical journey. :)

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