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My goal is to help you gain the skills to be a well-rounded and confident player

I've been teaching trumpet lessons for 25 years.


My biggest goal for my students is to help them learn the fundamental skills they need to be confident and versatile players who are ready for anything.

During lessons we'll spend time working on


  • solos and repertoire,

  • ear training and music theory so you can play by ear and improvise,   

  • physical development and flexibility so you can hit the high notes and have the endurance you need to perform challenging pieces,

  • listening to great players and learning about music history so you can have role models, and so you can develop your own beautiful trumpet sound,

  • audition preparation so you can succeed and reach your goals.

I have taught through the Los Alamos Public Schools, teaching one on one and coaching the trumpet sections in the junior high and the marching band; the Los Alamos Music Academy; and the Lawrence Academy of Music in Appleton, WI. 

I welcome students of all ages. Call me at 505-515-7001 to get on the schedule or click here to book a lesson.

Get a FREE 30-minute exercise to increase your range and improve your sound!
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